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Locus Of Control - Roberto J.

Internal Locus of Control or External Locus of Control?

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  1. You’re relaxing in your dining room on your phone. You accidentally spill your favorite drink on the floor. What is your reaction?

    Accept that your drink was meant to be wasted
    Blame your past self for leaving it there
    Cry about spilling your favorite drink
    Sigh and look for something to clean it up
  2. You get up and look for some paper towels in the kitchen. You search for a good 10 minutes until you realize they were on the same table you were just sitting at. What is your reaction?

    Yell at whoever left them there
    Cry that you wasted 10 minutes of your life
    Grab the paper towels annoyingly
    Complain about why you didn't check the table first
  3. Once you grab the paper towels, you turn around to clean up the mess. You see someone run and slips on the spill. What is your reaction?

    Well, that's what he/she gets for running...
    Apologize non-stop to the person that fell
    Laugh and don't help them up
    Karma is NOT on my side today
  4. The person that fell gets up and starts yelling at you because they fell. What is your reaction?

    Cry because they are yelling
    Yell back
    Tell yourself: "This is what you deserve."
    Think about how much the world is testing you right now
  5. You find out the person teared their pants from falling so abruptly. They are making you buy them a new pair. What is your reaction?

    Say that you will because it was your fault and only your fault that they teared their pants
    Tell them their pants were meant to teared anyway (because they don't look goo on them)
    Tell them they're crazy and walk away
    Beg them to not make you because you’re broke. You get down and start weeping.
  6. You end up telling them you won’t buy them the new pair of pants. The next day you find out your laptop screen has mysteriously broken. What is your reaction?

    It was the person whose pants ripped
    This was somehow your fault.
    Cry because this is the fourth time this year and your parents won't fix it again
    Get up and go find the person whose pants you teared the previous day
  7. You find the person who fell the previous day. They tell you it was not them. What is your reaction?

    They might be right, it was totally me
    Liar, it was you. I know it was.
    Go tell your parents
    Start crying because you realized you're accusing the wrong person
  8. You get your parents involved. They say they won't help you settle the argument. What is your reaction?

    Cry because it was all the spill's fault that all of this is happening
    Go back to the person who you're accusing to settle it yourself
    They're right. I must settle this myself because I control my choices.
    You guys aren't helping me at all, the world is TESTING me.
  9. You argue with the person and you realize that your laptop screen broke because you dropped it earlier in the week. What is your reaction?

    Suddenly walk away from the argument because you feel so dumb at that moment
    Cry because you were accusing this person wrongly the whole time.
    Go on a tantrum because you feel very attacked right now.
    This is all fault. This is all my fault. This is all my fault.
  10. That night you reflect on what happened the past two days. What is your reflection time like?

    Go straight to sleep because things like this happen to you all the time
    Cry yourself to sleep because you can't take it anymore
    Think all the ways the situation went wrong and how they were all your fault
    Curse at the world for making you go through such an embarrassment

Locus Of Control - Roberto J.

You got: Internal Locus of Control
Internal Locus of Control
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You got: External Locus of Control
External Locus of Control
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You got: Helpless
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You got: Indifferent
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