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Introvert Or Extrovert.

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Answer these questions truthfully to figure out your results.

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  1. You arrive at a party early, what do you do?

    Leave and come back later.
    Walk in and start up a conversation with others.
    Walk into the party, but not talk to anyone.
  2. A person you barely know comes up to start a conversation.

    End the conversation short and find somewhere else to go.
    Make a short small talk conversation, and then say you have to go.
    Keep a flowing conversation until they decide to leave.
  3. If your Friday night plans get cancelled right before you're about to go out, what do you feel like?

    "Well it doesn't really matter, I'll plan for next week"
    "I'll just set up plans for next week"
    "Oh shoot I was looking forward to tonight"
  4. A person comes up to you, asking for help about a serious problem, what's your first action?

    "How can I help?"
    "I know someone else who can help you".
    "I'll think about it, but I'm sure I can help".
  5. You're stuck in a position to make a tough decision quickly, what's your first move?

    "You make the best decision for the sake of everyone involved".
    "You decide to hand the decision off to someone else"
    "You make a quick, but unreliable decision".
  6. A friendly classmate offers you a ride home one day, what your first choice?

    Accept the ride.
    Tell the person "I'm fine with walking, thanks though!"
    Keep walking and ignore them.

Introvert Or Extrovert.

You got: Introvert

You're an extrovert who tends to keep to them self.

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You got: Extrovert

You're an extrovert who likes to show the world what you're going to do and say.

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