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    29 Reasons Veronica Mars Should Be Your Role Model

    You know, if she isn't already.

    1. She understands the bounds of friendship.

    2. She knows how to let loose.

    3. She's better at solving the case than Velma Dinkley.

    4. She's down with the pop culture.

    5. She looks pretty killer in '80s clothes.

    6. Without fail, she'll always be the smartest one in the room.

    7. She pulled this off.

    8. She knows her own strength, and it doesn't shake her.

    9. She prizes great literature over cheap booze.

    10. She's a friend to animals.

    11. She looks good in an elf's hat.

    12. She can get vulnerable.

    13. She's self-deprecating.

    14. She probably went through an Outsiders phase, too.

    15. Don't mess with her headphones time.

    16. She's just that sassy.

    17. But she's also that classy.

    18. She understands the importance of family.

    19. She doesn't shy away from the hard questions.

    20. She is practiced in the art of modesty.

    21. She is VERY practiced in the art of sarcasm.

    22. Sometimes, she helps out her worst enemies.

    23. She understands economics better than most of the government.

    24. She gets that sometimes, to get to the point, you've got to annoy.

    25. She understands that this is the proper reaction to a jerkface billionaire perhaps being your father.

    26. When she uses bad puns, they work.

    27. She has a FIERCE "Gotcha!" face.

    28. She's a believer.

    29. She knows how to get stuff done.

    You go, Marshmallows.