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    20 Relationship Dealbreakers For English Majors

    If your person views Hemingway differently than you do.

    1. If your person uses commas and periods interchangeably:

    2. If your person omits an Oxford comma, and you love the Oxford comma:

    3. If your person asks you to stop reading and give them more attention:

    4. If your person views Hemingway differently than you do:

    5. If your person asks you what you plan on doing with your degree:

    6. If your person wants you to stop using metaphors and just "say what you mean":

    7. If your person thinks it's a requirement for you to like Shakespeare:

    8. If your person expects you to write mandatory, composition essays...for them:

    9. If your person confuses the past participle with the past tense:

    10. If your person tells other people that you're an English major, so all you do is "talk about your feelings":

    11. If your person pronounces "Brontë" like "Brawnt":

    12. If your person treats you like the "tortured artist"

    13. If your person asks, every time, if that poem you wrote for creative writing was about your person:

    14. If your person thought, for an extended period of time, that Darcy was a woman:

    15. If your person uses a comma where your person should use a semicolon:

    16. If your person says, "All you'll be able to do is be a teacher":

    17. If your person thought Hamlet was about a certain breakfast food:

    18. If your person is into The Great Gatsby for the glitter:

    19. If your person offers to carry your backpack and then wonders why it's so heavy since you're only an English major:

    20. If your person doesn't understand why this says "your person" and not "they":