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19 Male Characters Who Are Obviously Hufflepuffs

"I'll teach the lot and treat them just the same."

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1. Kevin Ryan — Castle


Ryan is not just brave, but he's brave like a Hufflepuff. He knows the right thing to do and goes after it courageously because it's the right thing to do. He has never cared about the victory or the glory. Instead, Ryan just wants everyone to be the best they can be. It's this kind of selflessness and love that put him in Hufflepuff.

2. Winston Bishop — New Girl


Out of all the roommates in the loft, Winston is the kindest one. He'll be your friend even when you screw up and embarrass yourself beyond belief. Also, he completely OWNS who he is, because as a Hufflepuff, it takes a lot to shake his confidence.

3. Damian — Mean Girls

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There's something very Hufflepuff about Damian. For the most part, he's an unfailing friend to Cady and Janis. He does his best to be there for them, and he'd never intentionally hurt anyone. He has the boldness of a Gryffindor combined with the sweetness of a Hufflepuff, but he's a Hufflepuff nonetheless.

4. Clark Kent — Smallville

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As a superhero, he's exceptionally brave like a Gryffindor — he's the first to volunteer in any crisis. But Clark doesn't save the world or the city because he wants the glory or the credit. That's why he has two identities. What Clark wants is the best for everyone, and if he can help out, well, that's great. This kind of all-encompassing love of the world makes him the Hufflepuff Head Boy.


5. Dong Nguyen — Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


No one is truly sweeter to Kimmy than Dong. He's a hard worker, whether that's at school, in the restaurant, or just being a friend/boyfriend to Kimmy. To top it all off, he never complains. Dong has the perseverance, kindness, and everything in between that makes a Hufflepuff a Hufflepuff.

6. Cameron Tucker — Modern Family


Cameron is the sweetest person on this entire show, and he's probably the hardest working, too. Whether he's putting together an elementary school production or being a dad, Cameron just doesn't give up. He has the sweet charisma of any true Hufflepuff.

7. Michael Scott — The Office


Often misguided but always well–intentioned, Michael Scott is a total Hufflepuff. Friendship is the most important thing to him, and he makes that well-known. He'll always be there for the people in his office (even if they don't want him to be). Michael might not work hard at his job, but he works hard everywhere else and has the positivity to always keep going. That's so Hufflepuff.

8. Eli "Weevil" Navarro — Veronica Mars

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Rebellious like a Gryffindor but loyal like a Hufflepuff — that's Weevil. Once he loves you, you're under his protection forever. Winning isn't all that important to him. He cares about safety and protection. Sure, Weevil goes to some crazy ends to get there, making him a possible Slytherin, but he'd likely be just fine with being in Hufflepuff.


9. Mitch Downe — ParaNorman

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Mitch doesn't have the biggest role in this movie, but what we see of him is very Hufflepuff. He's always looking out for his little brother, and he's willing to forgive the ghosts for plaguing the city. From what he says and does while on screen, he simply screams Hufflepuff.

10. Nick Massi — Jersey Boys

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We're talking about the character here. Nick never really thought about himself until the very end of his time as part of The Four Seasons; he was more focused on being a good friend to the people around him, which is 100% characteristic of a Hufflepuff. It's like he said — the group comes first. That's a Hufflepuff philosophy.

11. Huck — Scandal


No matter what side he's on, Huck is fiercely loyal to it. He did his former job with near-perfect loyalty, he doesn't give up on Olivia Pope and Associates, and he's still dedicated to his wife and son. Family and friends are all that really matter to Huck. He's a Hufflepuff.

12. Kenneth Parcell — 30 Rock


This GIF perfectly captures why Kenneth is a Hufflepuff. It's the simple things in life that make him happy. Plus, he's probably the hardest working employee in NBC's history. But remember, like any Hufflepuff, Kenneth is not your friend: He's just a guy who will do anything for anybody at any time.


13. Blaine Anderson — Glee


With few exceptions, Blaine is an incredibly loyal, hard-working, and really sweet guy. He's a good friend to all and tries his best to see the good in practically everyone he knows. He has a level head, he's charismatic without being too boastful, and he's a sure Hufflepuff.

14. Morgan Tookers — The Mindy Project


Although sometimes ineffectual, Morgan is still a Hufflepuff. He always tries to be a good friend, even if he comes off as smothering. No matter what, Morgan wants you to know that he's a truly nice guy and that he cares about you deeply. He's definitely a Hufflepuff.

15. Andrew Wells — Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Similar to Huck, Andrew is a Hufflepuff no matter what side he's on. When he was in with Warren and the dark side, he swore his allegiance over to him completely. But later, when he was on the Scooby side, he gave his all to them despite being their hostage. Even when he's supposed to be evil, Andrew is naturally really sweet, which makes Hufflepuff win out over all the other houses.

16. Scott McCall — Teen Wolf


Scott's moral code is based mostly on what's fair. That's even-keeled, like a Hufflepuff should be. He thinks everyone deserves a support system and the same amount of loyalty. His number one strength is compassion for others and saving them just because saving is good. So very Hufflepuff.


17. Burt Chance — Raising Hope


If there's a group of tree-hugging Hufflepuffs, Burt is definitely part of it. He's nice to everyone and everything around him. When the neighbor cries, Burt takes him in for comfort, no questions asked. He saves bugs and freaks out when he discovers the bees of Natesville are dying out. Burt would have gladly crossed house lines and been part of S.P.E.W. with Hermione.

18. Thresh — The Hunger Games

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Thresh is loyal to people who aren't even supposed to be on his side. He's good to Katniss even though he knows it probably won't serve him well in the end. He fights bravely and selflessly for District 11, and he's protective of Rue even after her death. Hufflepuff is lucky to have him.

19. Jack McPhee — Dawson's Creek

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Super sweet, mild mannered, and almost always the perfect friend, Jack definitely belongs in Hufflepuff. His loyalty to his friends, especially Jen, is unconditional and genuine. There's no selfish motive behind the things Jack does. His humility and strong friendship land him right in the middle of Hufflepuff.

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