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19 Male Characters Who Are Clearly Ravenclaws

Where those of wit and learning will always find their kind.

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1. Jess Mariano -- Gilmore Girls

Warner Bros. Television

Jess Mariano is smarter than you... and he knows it. No, he doesn't put forth a lot of effort in school, but being in Ravenclaw isn't about getting the grade. It's about learning and loving to do it, which he does. That's why he reads constantly. His creativity and love of words earn him a sure place in Ravenclaw.

2. Simon Nelson Cook -- Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide


Cookie had Google Glasses before Google was a thing. He's smart in all areas, and he loves it. His academic success combined with his love of learning (especially about technology) makes him an obvious fit for Ravenclaw. We need more computer geeks in that house!

3. Oliver Hampton -- How to Get Away with Murder


We really do need more computer geeks in Ravenclaw, and Oliver is one of them. He's an IT guy, a hacker, and all these other really complex things that only a Ravenclaw could pull off. Welcome to the 'Claw, Oliver.

4. Richard Castle -- Castle


Ravenclaws are creative, and a mystery writer like Richard Castle fits that build entirely. He's excellent at weaving stories, both on the page and in his head. Discovering new worlds is something he's passionate about, which is why he definitely belongs in Ravenclaw.


5. Will Burton -- Bandslam

Summit Entertainment

Maybe you didn't see this movie, but its protagonist is a total Ravenclaw. There's no proof that Will is book smart, but he's a musical genius. Art is crucial to most Ravenclaws, so Will would fit in perfectly.

6. Justin Russo -- Wizards of Waverly Place


School is Justin's thing. He loves it, and he doesn't just love getting better grades than everyone else; subjects are truly fascinating to him. The same goes for his study of magic. He wants to learn every area he can just so he can say he knows how to do it. If he'd been a Potter wizard, he'd have definitely been in Ravenclaw.

7. Oscar Martinez -- The Office


Oscar is the smartest guy in the office. He's best with numbers, language, and all sorts of trivia. This is his number one strength and probably his favorite thing about himself. His wit and learning earn him a solid place in Ravenclaw.

8. Keith Mars -- Veronica Mars

Warner Bros. Television

Keith Mars is the second smartest person in Neptune, but cleverness is his priority. Intellectually, he's probably three steps ahead of you. He's quick on his feet, he has a dry wit, and he's creative in his problem solving. That's Ravenclaw prime.


9. Raj Koothrappali -- The Big Bang Theory


Often, Ravenclaws are geniuses, and Raj falls into that category. He's fluent in physics, he teaches, and he's always interested in learning more. Raj also has some creative interests, like comic books, movies, and (of course) Harry Potter. His love of learning and all kinds of subjects would make him an exciting addition to Ravenclaw.

10. Will Truman -- Will and Grace


Will is the smartest person he knows. As a lawyer, he has the academics and the cleverness that are usually important to the 'Claws. At the same time, Will knows good creativity and art when he sees it. I'm sure there are a lot of Ravenclaws with well-worn copies of the Dreamgirls soundtrack.

11. John Darling -- Peter Pan


It's not just because John wears glasses, people. I'm a four-eyed Gryffindor myself. He's an empirical scientist, which is an area of inquiry perfect for the Ravenclaw. He's always interested in finding out the truth about things, but he also has a good imagination. There's the well-rounded Ravenclaw for you.

12. Victor Stone -- Cyborg comics

DC Comics

A Gryffindor/Ravenclaw hat stall, Victor Stone would probably end up in Ravenclaw. His IQ is crazy high, and even though he abandons his academic pursuits, that's not what Ravenclaw is all about. It's about having the brain power and using it, which as a hero, Victor does. He might be a reluctant Ravenclaw, but he's still a Ravenclaw.


13. Basil Hallward -- The Picture of Dorian Gray

Ealing Studios

Basil is the artistic Ravenclaw. He appreciates creative beauty, from the beauty in humans to how gorgeous art can be. He has great ideas, even though they can be dangerous. This kind of thinking is perfect for Ravenclaw.

14. Daniel "Oz" Osbourne -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Warner Bros. Television

The term "smart but lazy" was invented to describe Oz. He's a genius, both academically and artistically. His music is the most important thing to him (besides Willow), and that kind of creative zeal would stand out to the Hat. He would be in Ravenclaw, no doubt.

15. Park Sheridan -- Eleanor and Park

St. Martin's Press

Park is creatively inspired and enthusiastic. His love of music and comic books aren't all academic, but he's still got the brains because he's enthusiastic about art. If it wasn't clear before, that's super Ravenclaw.

16. Charlie -- The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Summit Entertainment

Charlie is a natural-born writer and artistic soul. These are his priorities, and with that comes a desire to do well in school and to learn, especially when it comes to words. The Ravenclaws and the Sorting Hat would be impressed with that, so there's nowhere else he belongs.


17. James Novak -- Scandal


James is one of the smartest, most thorough journalists around. He's passionate about his job and about the truth. The more James can learn about a subject, the more interested he is... even if that subject kind of ruins his life. Knowledge is pretty close to his number one, which is so Ravenclaw of him.

18. Augustus Waters -- The Fault in Our Stars

Temple Hill Productions

He's pretentiously knowledgable, which most of Ravenclaw probably wouldn't like. But Augustus would choose Ravenclaw because he would want to be associated with the smartest and deepest students. They'd probably all scoff at his metaphors at first, but they would come around to it.

19. Tyrion Lannister -- Game of Thrones


Tyrion is well aware that his greatest weapon is his mind, and he uses books to sharpen that weapon like no other. That kind of dedication to learning is unique to Ravenclaw. He's clever like one of them, yet just as cunning as any Slytherin. However, his devotion to reading and absorbing information for the sake of bettering himself makes him a Ravenclaw at final decision.

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