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    19 Female TV Characters Who Are Evidently Slytherins

    These cunning ladies use any means to achieve their ends.

    1. Mindy Lahiri - The Mindy Project


    Money and extravagance are a big deal to Mindy, especially if she can be her own provider. That's very Slytherin of her. She goes to crazy lengths to get what she wants, including trying to make deals with drug dealers and moving far away from the loves of her life to pursue her educational dreams. Her non-stop drive is what puts her in Slytherin.

    2. Samantha Jones - Sex and the City


    Samantha is very much in control of her own life. She knows what she wants, and she has that fire inside her to go get it. Sometimes, she crosses some lines to get it, but she has the best of intentions. Probably. She's an admirable Slytherin.

    3. Cookie Lyon - Empire


    Cookie is the kind of woman who knows exactly what she's about, like any Slytherin does. Her attitude is completely without nonsense, and she'll do just about anything to get what she deserves. She's relentless. She's tough. She's Slytherin.

    4. Spencer Hastings - Pretty Little Liars

    ABC Family

    Yes, yes, Spencer is incredibly clever like a Ravenclaw. But she's so motivated by her own ambition, much less than she is by wisdom. She's unstoppable, and her smarts help her here. Her drive makes her the most equipped Liar and quite the gain for Slytherin.

    5. Regina Mills - Once upon a Time


    Sometimes a villainous Slytherin, sometimes not, but a Slytherin nonetheless. Regina knew her goal: to give villains their happy endings. She had to kill her own father to get there, but she did it. Regina doesn't give up, and she has a surreptitious way of conducting business that Slytherins everywhere admire and applaud.

    6. Angela Martin - The Office


    Angela is a little more of a Death Eater than just a Slytherin, but she'd probably have been in Slytherin too. More than anything, she looks out for herself. She's manipulative, cheating on her fiancé with another man, among other mishaps. Also, she doesn't like Harry Potter, just like lots of other notable Death Eaters. Angela is in Slytherin, but she gives it kind of a bad rap.

    7. April Ludgate - Parks and Recreation


    April isn't a Death Eater, though you might be quick to assume so. For a little while, she was a pure ancestry Slytherin, only associating with people who share her opinions on, well, everything. By the end of the series, April is a "chase your dream with everything that you are" Slytherin. She has the kind of hidden zeal that this house would smile on.

    8. Jenny Schecter - The L Word


    More than once, I have seen Jenny Schecter compared to Voldemort. It's clear why: she does everything he does. She manipulates people, lies to them, she's a cheater in all ways, and she's kind of a sociopath. Not all Slytherins are Death Eaters, but she definitely is.

    9. Lana Lang - Smallville

    Warner Bros. Television

    Lana is another one of those awesome, well-meaning Slytherins. She is resourceful, cunning, and she'll do anything to achieve her top goal. In the end, that's to bring down Lex Luthor. Once Lana sets her mind on something, she's more determined than anyone. She risks everything to become a warrior, she's cunning about it, and she's a big asset to Slytherin.

    10. Mellie Grant - Scandal


    Let's be real, Mellie deserves to be Slytherin's Head Girl. She exhibits all the qualities of a true Slytherin (both positive and negative), and she's proud to do so. She knows exactly what to do to get what she wants, and she is a natural, ambitious leader. Slytherin is fortunate.

    11. Jackie Cook - Veronica Mars

    Warner Bros. Television

    Jackie is an ambiguous Slytherin. She has her moments of strong will, like when she stood up for herself and her father by being the dunk tank girl at the high school carnival. Still, she has the need to be a pureblood, talking extravagantly about her professional baseball player father to fit in with the other kids in Neptune. Not a villain by any means, but certainly a Slytherin.

    12. Miley Stewart - Hannah Montana


    Miley is the most ambitious Disney character of all time. She wants to be a pop star and she'll do anything to get there. In her case, that's putting on a blonde wig and living a double life a la Superman. She is constantly resourceful on her way to achieving her goals, and like a genuine Slytherin, she doesn't stop until she has exactly what she wants.

    13. Santana Lopez - Glee


    Santana is fiercely determined in everything she does. She works hard and without reservation to get her cheerleading scholarship. At the same time, she gives her all toward a career in acting and music. Her competitive side is not to be tested. She brings honor to Slytherins everywhere.

    14. Karen Walker - Will and Grace


    For Karen, rich blood is pure, Wizarding blood. She'll do anything to be considered one of the richest and most pure, including some creatively cruel things. Competition and having money are Karen's two greatest concerns, which would probably get her a pat on the back from the Malfoy family. More than anything, she's a pure ancestry Slytherin.

    15. Cece Parekh - New Girl


    I don't know what it is about Cece that makes her a Slytherin, but she's there. She's crazy smart and knows it, so she uses her brain power to get what she wants. Cece is totally fierce yet cool, which makes her seem like a Slytherin.

    16. Paris Geller - Gilmore Girls

    Warner Bros. Television

    No, Paris, you've never been patient, and that's why you're admirable. Paris Geller never loses because she'd never let herself lose. She's fueled by ambition, reputation as a winner, and her cleverness. It makes her impossible to beat and the most qualified for anything she ever does. She's one heck of a woman and one heck of a Slytherin.

    17. Kima Greggs - The Wire


    Kima is an ambitious, dedicated detective. The Baltimore Police Department would be nowhere without her because she knows how to get what she needs. Sometimes, she has to make the tough calls. But for Kima, the ends justify the means. Her brilliant work ethic is brilliantly Slytherin.

    18. Anya Jenkins - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Warner Bros. Television

    This very GIF explains why Anya is a Slytherin. She likes to be or feel rich, so she goes at her goals like a madwoman so she can make money. Not all Slytherins are misers, but some might be, and that's where Anya falls. Her background as a vengeance demon reminds us that she will do extreme things to get what she wants or to please the people she cares about. Slytherin would be hella intrigued by her.

    19. Alex Vause - Orange Is the New Black


    Alex is extremely Slytherin. She has a Slytherin's snark, sneak, and cleverness in everything she says and does. Most of the time, Alex draws inward, but when you push her, she's venomous. She's a fighter when she needs to be and is pretty good at picking her battles. That's so Slytherin.

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