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    18 Things That Happen When You Fall For The Villain In A Story

    Please let him be terrible in real life.

    1. You start to question your sanity.

    2. But then you realize you make the most sense.

    3. So, you head home to look up your new crush.

    4. You roll your eyes at your friends who are just so obsessed with the hero.

    5. You end up thinking all the evil things the villain does are really cute.

    6. And then all the evil things the villain does become not just cute, but smokin' hot.

    7. All of your fan merchandise has the villain on it, and people look at you weird.

    8. When you find someone else who is in love with the villain, it's the best day of your life.

    9. Your mom gives you a hard time about being obsessed with the baddies.

    10. You are really upset when the hero foils your baby's plans.

    11. Your Christmas decorations end up looking something like this.

    12. You actively search Tumblr for people who share your feelings since you can't find any in your area.

    13. Speaking of Tumblr, your blog resembles that shrine Helga had to Arnold.

    14. People think it's really weird that you prefer Bizarro to Superman.

    15. You get angry when the villain doesn't have enough screen/page time.

    16. People think that because you love the villain, you must be evil, too.

    17. You say, "Really, they're just misunderstood," a LOT.

    18. But most importantly, you wouldn't trade your villain love for anything.

    Villains for life!