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16 Things All People Who Have Had Teacher Crushes Understand

You probably got an A.

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1. You were always pretty sure you could escape your academic career without ever getting a teacher crush.

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2. But then you realized you had one.


3. You then discover the struggle. You want to talk in class...

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4. ... but you really don't want to sound like an idiot.

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"Did I really just say Benjamin Franklin was a former U.S. President? I did, didn't I?"

5. In high school, you have to keep it super secret.

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6. In college, it really doesn't matter.


7. You plan your schedule accordingly.


"A three hour class is fine."

8. Consequently, this makes you SUPER OBVIOUS.

9. You're normally a back of the class sitter, but now you've migrated to the front.


And almost this eagerly.

10. You started watching Buffy simply because of Rupert Giles.

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Alright, so TECHNICALLY Giles is a librarian. Similar concept.

11. Aria Montgomery is NOT your spirit animal.

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12. He is, though.


13. You have sent many a text message to an annoyed friend about something your teacher crush did or said you thought was amazing, but two hours later really wasn't.


"Why did I think wearing green was so legendary? People wear green all the time."

14. Keeping eye contact is suddenly the most important thing in the world.

15. You relate to some of these things and might be a little embarrassed by them.

16. But it's OK because you probably got an A.

Or an A+. You're talented, after all.

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