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    • bozzyl

      Bozzy Lewis • 2 minutes ago  So, Michael Sam has found himself a young and handsome Italian stud….Vito Cammisano and a bottom ! Good for the two of them ! I am amazed how some “progressives” supported him coming out, but were seemingly disturbed when he deep tongue-kissed his boyfriend on camera after the NFL pick news. What did they expect ? Do they NOT think gay people have lives, emotions and partners ? When he said….I am “GAY”, he did not say celibate ! Do these homophobes think it is O-K to be gay, as long as they “hide” their partners from public view ? So he kissed him….passionately ? BIG deal ! They are a couple and it is NO different that when a straight couple embraces and shares a kiss,…to celebrate a milestone in life. Get over it already,….it’s 2014 !

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