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The 10 Best Things You Can Do With Your Pocket Change

Every little bit adds up! Pocket change can be pretty annoying, as it weighs down your pockets and you never really know what to do with it. But instead of losing track of it, here are some cool things you can do to make your change count!

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1. Save it up, so you can cash out later.

Little by little, day by day, you just might end up with quite the windfall if you do it right!

4. Keep in your car for parking meters and tolls.

Or, if you see someone with an expired meter, pay it forward and save them from getting a ticket!

6. Create an emergency fund.

To be used for whatever purposes you deem the most necessary. Like chocolate.

7. Loose change can make your flowers last longer!

The copper from a penny adds nutrients to the water to make your flower last longer. Combine this with a cube of sugar, which acts as a preservative, and your flowers will shine all the longer.

And it’s not just your loose change that adds up. Box Tops do too! Each one is worth 10 cents for your child’s school.

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So save those Box Tops and watch those dimes in disguise add up!