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How Social Influencers Impact The Minds Of The Younger Generation

Social influencers have been the talk of the town over the past couple of years, especially since they are being grouped with the standard class of celebrity. Parents have been asking the question are these influencers a positive influence for our kids or are they a negative influence. While researching who they really are I found out who the majority are and what they bring to the table.

bourbangz 10 days ago

Which Major YouTuber Are You??

There are so many different YouTubers out there today. Some upload daily vlogs, giving out cars, and even giving out cars! Which major YouTuber are you?

bourbangz 11 days ago

When Clickbait Turns To Scandal

Social Influencers, especially Vine turn YouTuber stars have been making a huge impact on the world these past few years. Though while trying to get views they turn out to get themselves into some sticky situations. Here are 10 influencers who made themself a villain in our eyes.

bourbangz 11 days ago