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Clearing That Air

Because I may have messed up on the application

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Just clearing it.

So. I'd just like to say that I did in no way shape or form submit any kind of cover letter or message as to why I'd like to be apart of the buzz ( heHE ) Sorry.

I nearly just graduated, I took (am taking) a year to work as a barista to afford to go to post secondary. Just recently I decided to jump back into the websites for scholarships and application work for schools, and of course the question of what I'd like to study or what major I'd like to aim for is a common occurrence. So at this point, I go to the Buzzfeed page and start exploring the job requirements for internships, video concept creators, project managers and other positions that I would love to see myself in. Whatever they require me to have, I'm willing to go get. I put in an application for an internship without thinking because I believe I'd be more than perfect. What better of a person to take charge of social media than one of the main targets of the internet? A freaking 18 year old girl ! Call me crazy, but I think I can understand what catches the eye, not just of the young, but anyone with an eye on their mobile screen. I believe I know the pulls and the pushes, and I'm willing to explore what I can do to help increase the audience of the Buzzfeed community. As far as 'haters' go, I'm far from it, and not a fan of them myself. Some people just do not deserve the right to a keyboard, and although you won't give me a pair of scissors to cut the power cord, I'll certainly put a stop to any hurtful or annoying content that's placed anywhere near this amazing environment. Buzzfeed videos have always been my favorite part of the brand, they are always catching me and pinning me to click next on the sidebar. Laughing my head off, grinning like a goofball or sharing and showing anyone I can find. You never fail to catch my attention, and the content is always new and always interesting. There are plenty of jokes out there saying 'Buzzfeed is running out of ideas' They may be right on some articles, but I'd be 100% on it to keep the content new and refreshing and interesting. As long as there's something to talk about on the media, Buzzfeed is alive. Whatever starting tiny position is available to be with the brand, I'm ready to take. I'll take the baby steps and run to Los Angeles, or New York or Sydney or London, I'm ready ! I love Buzzfeed, being apart of this community is my -no joke- dream job. Help me start fresh and young and build myself to the high crazy brilliant status you lovely people hold. I'll take whatever you got!

((((this gif is not used in the meme sense at all, i just meant it for the lyrics because I really will never let you guys down))))

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