bothmad I Grab Eyeballs, Touch Hearts, Alter Minds & Inspire Action!*   If you have recently lost your favourite Creative weirdo to rehab, an alien abduction cult, or perhaps even an alien abduction cult in rehab, I would hereby like to introduce...
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  • Act Like A Caesar Or Sultan And Conquer Istanbul In 48 Hours!

    If you don’t mind admitting that you are a flashpacker with an unquenchable thirst for the uncharted, undiscovered and a good cup of piping hot Turkish apple tea, you’ll love Istanbul. With so many pages of history built on top of one another and such a wealth of unique attractions it can seem daunting upon first arrival. Especially if you intend to jam over 3000 years of history into two days and still hope to have time to grab a kebab or chill at a hubby-bubbly cafe. What follows is not a silly best of list or some glitzy countdown. This is a complete step by step itinerary that you can follow to experience the best of Istanbul in two hectic, but unforgettable days! For a little more info on any of the 11 magical places mentioned check out my full article at The Flash Pack Blog. Yala and enjoy Habibi!

  • 7 AWESWIM Spots To Skinny Dip And Swim Wild Around The World

    Swimming wild in lakes, pools, ponds, underground caverns and secret rivers is an opportunity to experience the best of untouched nature at its most spectacular. Far from the maddening public bath houses and crowded beaches there exists a watery treasure trove of wondrous places waiting to heal all wounds, alleviate all aches and restore balance to mind, body and soul (if you’re into that sort of thing).

  • The Top 10 Best Bars In Rio De Janeiro!

    If you don’t know your “Caipirinhas” (cocktails) from your “Botecos” (Bars), you have not been to Rio (Brazil) and no introduction will do. If, however, you’ve shared an ice cold Chope with some loud, beautiful and utterly tanned Cariocas at the Copa, no introductions are necessary. With England heading to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup we thought we’d celebrate by making a list of the 10 Best Bars in Rio de Janeiro:

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