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Who Is Rhett?

How much do you really know about the lovable Boston University mascot?

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1. He Was Almost a Moose

In the 1917-18 school year, students voted on their favorite choice of mascot between a Boston Terrier and a Moose. Luckily, they chose correctly. "Boston University Moose" just doesn't have the same ring to it. And don't get us started on how to pluralize it...

2. He Was Named After a Hollywood Icon

So, why is he called "Rhett" anyways? Our Terrier was named after the character Rhett in “Gone With the Wind,” released in 1939. In the film, Rhett is in love with the female lead, Scarlett (BU’s official color). The reason for his naming: Nobody loves Scarlet more than Rhett! Duh!

7. Everybody Loves Him

Matt Lasek

Don't believe us? Rhett was named an All American Mascot in 1996, placed 4th in the National Mascot Championships in 2002 and named “Best School Mascot” in Boston in 2012.

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