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18 Reasons Why Boston Is Wicked Awesome

Steamahs, and staties, and grindahs, oh my. Tune in to this season of Boston's Finest for an in-depth tour of the city we all love. Tonight at 9/8c to TNT.

1. Everybody knows your name.

2. Boston is the only place in the world where you can see a boat sailing under a train passing under a car driving under an airplane.

3. Chowdah.

4. Haymahket

5. Does your city have a giant green monster?

6. The Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in the country.

7. Boston hosts the marathon of all marathons.

8. Boston has helped create some of the funniest people alive, including Louis C.K.

9. And him...

10. As well as some pretty awesome music.

11. Dropkick Murphys?

12. And, well, Boston.

13. The greatest fans in the world call Boston home.

14. Hands down.

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15. And the coolest sports photograph ever taken was of a Bostonian.

16. Boston does parades right. Especially on St. Patrick's Day.

17. And after winning championships.

18. And this.

Inspired by Boston's Finest