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How To Write A Novel

10 Steps Write a Good Novel

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People are confusing about how to write a novel? How to become a good writer to write a fantastic story? Every time when I start put my pen on the paper either I write only one line single story with two simple characters or use plenty of psychological portray and scene describe to add more atmosphere in the story but I feel that seems dry and tedious if readers to read it? So how to choose characters? How to arrange the whole story and how to describe couple inner stories in the Novel with different lines make me concern. however, when I following these steps of how to write a good novel. I wrote a 17000 words short novel.

1. Write the story you’d most want to read.

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Write as you want. Don’t write a story just because you think it might be a bestseller or imagined that would be a Disney movie of next near. Lower your heart and concentrate on your stories first.

2. Begin with character.

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Make her flawed and believable. Let her live and breathe and give her/him/it the freedom to surprise you and take the story in unexpected directions.

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You can have the greatest characters in the world, and write beautifully, but if nothing’s happening, the story falls on its face pretty quickly. in other words, if you have a great story, drive it in proper way and makes it significant in your pen.

5. Make it believable.

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Readers hate cheap tricks. Don’t pull the evil twin routine in the final hour. Don’t bring in a new character at the end to solve the protagonist’s problem because your readers won't buy it.

6. Stick with it the project.

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You’ll be tempted to give up a thousand and one times. Don’t. Finish the story. Do the best you can do to polish it, make it shine because that is your diamond from your heart. Whatever how hard it will be, once your start it, finish it!

7. And lastly: Ignore the rules.

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put you in a genre with its own rules and conventions. Please don't throw rotten tomato to me after you read this picture says. Ignore the rule, don't trap yourself in your story. You are the one who create your prince and princess!

Here is the website that can teach you more about how to write a good novel

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Writing is not easy but when you put the words on the paper, it will changes your world.

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The video will teaches more specifically about how to start your story.

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