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13 Animals With Killer Dance Moves

These animals have moves that you can't even begin to step to. Keep them dancing by seeing what's ahead when you're driving.

1. These parrots turning uuuuup.

2. This cat and its [said in R. Kelly voice] ♫ bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. ♫

3. This gopher and its delicate pointe work.

4. This owl, who has the neck for the best head-bobs in all the land.

5. This pug and its swaggity swag.

6. This cat, who can learn any dang dance move in no time flat.

7. This dog, who is a passive yet amazing dance partner.

8. This bearded dragon and her slow groove.

9. The llama who has mad hops.

10. This cat, who can really back it up.

11. This poodle, who is really very skilled in the art of salsa.

12. This couple's flyyy moves.

13. This suave little shiba who is so light on his feet.

If you like the swaggy dance moves of these creatures, check out this roadkill music video with a rapping skunk.

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