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Trump's Wall Hurts The Little Critters

The ecological impact of Trump's wall is wildly underestimated. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service created an IPaC Trust Resources Report in 2016, listing out over a hundred species that would be negatively impacted by the new structure.

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In a nation, full of 'alternative facts' and unfounded claims, its hard to find the truth. How will this wall affect us? What are the consequences? Who will have to pay?

Many people simply don't want to pay more in taxes, but many animals will end up paying with their lives.

This Species of 'Sky Island' is Just One of Many / Via

Grizzly Bears - Ursus arctos

‘Sky Island’ encompasses parts of Mexico, New Mexico, and Arizona, created by mountains and valleys. This area is home to a vast number of species, including the grizzlies. Species that need multiple types of habitat in order to thrive. By fencing off sections we will end up with displaced bears living on your front porch.

Awareness is Key...


Nearly every top news article about the wall focuses about the monetary cost, and who will build it. Let's change the tune, and show what other costs could be associated. This list contains just a sampling of who could pay the ultimate price for the wall.

Who will be Squashed Next? / Via

Arroyo Toad - Bufo californicus

This little camouflaged cutie can be found all the way from California into Mexico. Currently listed as endangered, this croaking toad may be able to slip through cracks in the fence. However, he may not be able to put up with the commotion and light pollution caused by the monitoring of the ‘wall’.

Wings aren't that great either... / Via

Quino Checkerspot Butterfly - Euphydryas editha quino

Wings only help if they can take you higher, this low flying species is at risk of crashing straight into the wall. Similar to many insects, they are particular about which plants they will lay their eggs on. With the addition of the wall, the already small habitat of desirable plants is diced into even smaller pieces. Creating longer flight times between suitable habitats. This causes habitat isolation.

Hiding in the Water Won't Help... / Via

San Diego Fairy Shrimp - Branchinecta sandiegonensis

These little guys are just about as fragile as a fairy, found only in small patches in lower California into Mexico, they are endangered. While their eggs are tough enough to survive the desert in a drought, once they emerge their life hangs in the balance. It is critical that the gently rolling slopes capture enough rain water to keep them alive. The construction of the wall would lead to terrain changes that would destroy the water collection systems.

Olin Feuerbacher/USDI Ash Meadows Fish Conservation Facility / Via

Desert Pupfish - Cyprinodon macularius

This bright blue fish is a sight for sore eyes in such a bland desert ecosystem. They are listed as endangered with only 9 lake systems still containing the fish. Two of which could possibly be decimated by the proposed ‘wall.’ They are tough creatures that have to deal with daily temperature fluctuations of nearly 32° F at night up to almost 100° F during the day, but they can’t survive if their lakes get filled in.

Even our Feathered Friends aren't Safe! / Via

Flammulated Owl - Psiloscops flammeolus

While they could just fly over the wall, they still face issues. Owls are nocturnal, meaning their eyes have evolved to help them see in the dark. The wall will be constantly lit, rendering their specialized hunting skills useless. This disturbance leaves them with few options; leave, learn or starve.

Flickr: 138317542@N08 / Via

California Condor - Gymnogyps californianus

This massive bird is known as the ‘clean-up crew.’ Feasting on carcasses along the southern coast of California into Mexico. They are currently listed as endangered with many conservation plans already set in motion. The ‘wall’ would primarily impact them in a disruption or a loss of prey along the border, since large mammals would be unable to cross.

Even Some Animals You Wouldn't Expect...


The wall has been proposed not just along the terrain, but to also extend into the shallow sea waters. These waters are used by a variety of animals that would be significantly impacted.

Just keep swimming... / Via

Hawksbill Sea Turtle- Eretmochelys imbricata

These little swimmers nest along the southern California shores and into Mexico. The wall would not only interrupt their small migration patterns, but will alter the sea floor around the extension of the border wall. Policing and lights on the wall will also affect their species, with their sleeping, and nesting sites in shallow waters or just off the shore. Turtles will likely abandon previously used habitat in search of something quieter. / Via

West Indian Manatee - Trichechus manatus

These gentle giants, affectionately known as 'sea cows,' live along the south east coast. They prefer the shallow water, and moving into freshwater streams. The addition of a border wall across freshwater rivers would restrict their movement, and block potential habitat.

Simba's relatives won't even make it... / Via

Jaguar - Panthera onca

With very few jaguars left in the United States it makes sense that we would want to keep the door open for them, to come and go as they please. With the possibility of not having any females north of the border, the population could stop in its tracks. The wall poses too many risks for population survival. Population bottleneck is always a concern, with a chance of having a single couple contributing to the gene pool.


All it takes is one couple to meet up, and fall in love. But of course, none of this can happen if there is a giant wall between them. By allowing jaguars to pass through there is a chance that we could have a new population of big cats in the states.



No matter your feelings on Trump, you'd have to agree that wreaking havoc on the species living on the American southern border could be devastating. Not just to these 10 species listed but hundreds more like them, and many we can't even begin to estimate the cost for.

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