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6 Hidden Surprises In The New Dreamworks Short "Almost Home"

Because finding a safe planet is harder than it looks.

Meet the Boov -- cute little squid-like aliens that are searching for a safe place to live... the new DreamWorks animated short Almost Home.

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It's a prequel to the new movie Home, coming out this Thanksgiving.

Now that you've seen it, here are some details you might not have noticed...

1. Steve Martin ad-libbed many lines in the short.

The animators used some of his real mannerisms to help bring Capt. Smek to life.

2. Ernie's red suit is a reference to the red-shirted away team guys on Star Trek.

(And things always turn out great for the away team guys on Star Trek...)

3. The creature that swoops in on the second planet is a Nadder dragon's foot from How to Train Your Dragon 2.

4. The giant fish seems to have a mental link with the Boov underneath.

You'll notice the fish's eye tracks and blinks along with its entrapped prey.

5. The giant worm's roar is made up of a turkey gobble, a yodel, and a pinch of lion.

6. The DreamWorks team created several planets that did not appear up close in the final short. Such as...

The Electricity Planet:

The Thorny Planet:

The Ice Planet:

The Fire-Breathing Butterflies Planet:

And, of course, a planet whose sole purpose is to punch you below the belt:

The Boov will be landing on our planet in 2015 in the new DreamWorks film Home. Like them on Facebook and follow the invasion on

All images courtesy of DreamWorks.