• 1. Because classes were not interesting

    For many students, the material in the classes they’re taking seem so far removed from daily life that it’s hard to see the point. Many say this is one primary reason they decide to leave school before graduation.

  • 2. Not motivated

    Beyond not connecting with the material, many students aren’t given the encouragement and support they need to feel motivated to study and learn. Without motivation — and with plenty of other pressures pushing in — they lose the focus school requires.

  • 3. Got a job

    The need to work while attending school is an unavoidable reality for many students, and once the job’s requirement for hours starts making attendance at school difficult, the job often wins.

  • 4. Became a parent

    Being a parent is a job in itself — and for many students in high school with children, it’s impossible to reconcile having kids with getting a degree.

  • 5. To care for a family member

    Like raising a child, taking care of a sick or aging relative is a big job, and one that sadly can make life difficult for even the most dedicated potential graduates.