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15 Stages Of Watching A Kid's Show With Your Child

That moment when you realize this is actually a good show. Share the experience of watching your favorite cartoons with your kid with Boomerang streaming.

1. You're watching your grown-up TV shows when all of a sudden...

2. ...your kid steps in, begging to watch one of their favorite shows with you.

3. And, like, they're your kid, so how can you say no to that?

4. So, fine. You put on a cartoon and try to get lost in your own grown-up thoughts.

5. But as you try to think about adult things like taxes and what's happening to the world's bee population...this kid's cartoon is sort of pulling you in.

6. At first you resist it because, hey, you're a grown-up and this is a kid's show.

7. But you cannot help but get into it, and then you realize...


9. It's taking you back to a simpler, more limitless time in your life.

10. You're recalling the sweet taste of childhood innocence.

11. And catching some seriously good jokes that are going over your kid's head.

12. You're wishing the world abided by the laws of physics demonstrated in this cartoon.

13. You're actually laughing with your kid and enjoying simply brilliant comedy.

14. You're realizing that a great cartoon can teach your kid (and you!) some truly valuable lessons.

15. And you're excited to have found a bonding activity that's just so darn fun.

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