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16 Tweets Roasting Kendall's Pepsi Ad That Are Absolute Fire

*grabs popcorn*

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Oh my god. Somehow, miraculously, Pepsi and Kendall Jenner were able to piss off the entire internet with one, 30-second ad for a cold beverage.

Hold onto to your butts. It's a doozy.

out now! @pepsi

The ad's debut was ~suppose~ to be a defining moment for Jenner — the brand's first supermodel to head one of its global advertising campaigns since 1992, when Cindy Crawford held the honor.

But everything came crashing down — way, way down — within hours of its release.

In the ad, Jenner, who's on the set of a photo shoot at first, breaks from her day job to join protesters on the street.

Pepsi / Via

What are they protesting exactly? Nobody knows for sure!

Then, in a disastrously tone deaf move, viewers watch in straight-up horror as Jenner hands a can of Pepsi to a cop monitoring the protest. He takes it, sips it, and the protesters go wild in approval.

Pepsi / Via

So basically, the lesson here, kids, is: Kendall Jenner can solve all of our community-law enforcement troubles with a can of soda.

Which, honestly, is just perfection.

Now enter: the internet.

Know Your Meme / Via

These 16 glorious tweets sum up exactly what all of us were thinking about Pepsi's absolute dumpster fire of an ad.

1. First of all, someone should probably check on Kendall.

Kendall tweeting the pepsi ad like

2. And then, after confirming she's OK, please let her know her ad is dangerous.

I can't even lie when Kendall gave that police officer a Pepsi I choked

3. We all know some diva out there is taking notes, though.

After seeing the press Kendall & Pepsi are getting, Christina begins storyboarding her next Oreo commercial incorpo…

4. Really, how many people in suits actually approved this trainwreck, which has now set the new bar for trainwrecks?

Executive at Pepsi: "Let's find someone for this campaign that marginalized people can relate to." Intern: "Kendal…

5. One company not having a bad day, though? Coca-Cola.

6. Here's Coke, exhibit A.

Coke execs tonight after watching kendall’s pepsi ad

7. And also Coke, exhibit B.

.@CocaCola watching this @Pepsi ad go up in flames

8. Solving major world problems will be a new trend amongst the soda giants, you just wait.

You guys laugh about this Pepsi thing now, but when Dr. Pepper finally solves healthcare you're all gonna feel pretty silly.

9. But maybe, for the love of god, Pepsi should sit the next one out.

Pepsi execs (sweating): "Chad, on second thought, let's cancel those ads where Kendall replaces Flint's water with Pepsi Max"

10. Like, even the signs were a disgrace!

The inoffensive generic protest signs in Pepsi's woke Kendall Jenner ad are hilarious.

"Join the conversation"???

11. IDK, maybe Kendall should feel good about one thing, I guess?

I, for one, salute Kendall Jenner's efforts to fight childhood obesity by making sure no one ever buys a Pepsi ever again.

12. Although, she really should have weighed her options after she got that can in her hand.

Literally could have had Kendall do ANYTHING else with a Pepsi

13. Instead of hitting up the cop, she could have gone to Liberty Island instead.

Will Presti / Via Twitter: @WillPresti

14. The conspiracy theories are already forming, of course.

#Pepsi #PepsiGate Maybe Kendall Jenner was combating the police by giving them diabetes 🙄

15. While Kylie's just like...

Kendall is getting dragged on her pepsi commercial while kylie is just chillin

16. So, in conclusion: Kendall, maybe let's leave the Pepsi resistance to its original founder.

Wow but actually Britney Spears was the original leader of the Pepsi resistance

— With love, literally everyone

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