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The Important Factors To Consider Before Buying Mattresses

A mattress is not just for a few days; it is for a life. No one likes to purchase a mattress every other year. It is why buying a top quality mattress that suits the needs of an individual is a must. There are dozens of brands of mattresses out there on the market, many types of mattress with various features and specs, but not all of these fit the needs of an individual. It is why anyone who wants to purchase a mattress must know certain things before buying a mattress. These certain factors are the type of mattress, the support the mattress provides, the price, the comfort level, the size of the mattress, the individual’s lifestyle, etc. All these factors, when taken into consideration, will result in a good buy. These are the important factors to consider before buying a mattress. Considering these the individual can buy a long lasting mattress.

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Buying a new mattress can be a bit daunting task. There are dozens of companies out there that sell a mattress and all of them claim to sell the most comfortable and health conscious mattress. There are a lot of factors to consider before buying a mattress. Whenever a person is about to buy a mattress he or she must look for support, the lifestyle, the lifespan and warranty of the mattress, and of course the price.

The type of support that a mattress has

There are various kinds of mattresses in the market; each of them has a different level of support. A mattress is an essential part of the health. It directly affects the backbone. Support provided by the mattress plays a vital role in it.

The bounce

There are many people who like a bouncy support. They like to feel jumpy on the mattress. For them, the spring mattress is a perfect choice. The thickness of the spring mattress ranges from 12 to 18 inches. Although, the bounce may be good for the first few months; but it will not be the same after that. It happens mostly for a thick pillow top spring mattress. The trick is not to buy thick pillow top but a firm pillow top.

While buying a spring mattress the coil count matters a lot. The more springs in a mattress the better bounce and the better sleeping experience. Although, the mattress that has more coils will be a bit expensive, but it will provide a good sleep.

The firm base

If a person prefers a firm base, then instead of buying a spring mattress he should consider buying foam mattress. Also, it is important to check if the mattress has a polyurethane core. The thicker the foam the better quality it will have. It is always a good idea to buy the foam mattress that is at least 6 inches thick. The memory foam mattress lasts for at least 10 years.

The buoyancy

If a person prefers buoyancy then the mattress he should consider buying is the latex mattress. The latex mattress is almost similar to the foam mattress but provides more spring back. The latex mattress is better than the foam and spring models. The reason is that it:

•Has a better quality material

•Is antimicrobial

•Provides a good support for the backbone

•Is resistant to dust

•Is resistant to mites

•Has more lifespan i.e. up to 20 years

It is always better to consider buying a latex mattress. For a dense and a heavy mattress consider buying the Dunlop latex and for a lighter feel consider buying the Talalay latex mattress. The latex mattress is the most durable mattress on the market.

For those who like buoyancy and an even dispersion of weight can also purchase the air-filled mattress.

The lifestyle

Before buying a mattress the lifestyle is also an important consideration. The sleeping pattern of an individual can also be a factor for choosing a particular mattress. There are many individuals who sleep on one side. There are many people who tend to sleep on their backs and many who like to twist and turn during the night.

Those who sleep on side

If a person sleeps on the side he will need a large amount of pressure relief. The foams ability to disperse is of vital importance. It is why the people who sleep no their sides should consider buying the foam or latex mattress. The memory foam with a fluffy top is a good consideration. Only then the individual will have a straight spine while sleeping which is good for health. A person who sleeps on the side must never buy firm foam or a spring mattress as it does not disperse the weight evenly causing serious health issues.

Those who sleep straight on back

The person who sleeps on his back straight may not have a problem in purchasing any kind of mattress. But still, the consideration should be to buy a mattress that is firm and offers buoyancy. A good idea will be to buy the latex mattress instead of memory foam mattress which does not last longer. For the individuals who like to lie straight the entire night, the air-filled mattress is also a good choice.

Those who twist and turn during the night

For these individuals latex, memory foam or also a dual chamber air-filled mattress is a good choice. It is not a good idea to buy the spring mattress, it will cause sleep disturbances as it has more bounce.

The life span and warranty

One of the most important considerations while buying a mattress is the life span and warranty. It is important that an individual purchases the mattress which has a long life span and has a good warranty. Usually, the latex mattress has the longest life span as compared to the memory foam or the spring mattress.

The warranty depends on the manufacturer. So, it is the choice of the buyer to ensure that he purchases the mattress that has at least ten years of warranty.

The price

The price may not be a deciding factor, but it plays an important role. The latex mattress is highly priced due to its quality and material. It is why latex mattress is a better choice than both the spring and the memory foam mattress. The average price of a mattress ranges from the lowest $500 to more than $2000. Of course the more the price, the better the quality and life span.

These are a few factors that everyone should know before buying a mattress. It is always a good idea to buy a mattress from a mattress specialty stores or on online stores. Other places such as furniture shops or departmental stores do not sell wholesale. A mattress is not just for a year or two; it may last for a life. It is why buying a perfect mattress is a must. A low-quality cheap mattress will not last long and also cause health problems.

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