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    How will yoga develop in 2015 – 10 trends

    What is in store for yoga in 2015? Will the practice continue to grow in popularity as it has in previous years? The BookYogaRetreats team has taken a close look at the emerging developments around yoga.

    1. More sports will incorporate aspects of yoga

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    Yoga improves flexibility, manages injuries and builds strength. Now, as people become more aware of the benefits of yoga, its elements will be incorporated into many other sports. Yoga is already popular among football and rugby teams. English football player Ryan Giggs practiced yoga to help him heal from sport injuries. Rugby teams worldwide practice yoga to improve their flexibility on the field. The Dutch National soccer team incorporates sun salutations to their training regime. This year, many other sports will follow.

    2. Recharging over the weekend

    Due to our increasingly hectic lifestyles, taking long breaks to go on retreats is not an option for everyone. That's why more short weekend yoga retreats will pop up to cater to busy yogis and yoginis (let's face it, that's most of us). A short retreat allows you to benefit from a retreat setting and enables you to recharge over the weekend without having to negotiate long holidays at the office. Win-win!

    3. Drastic change in men / women ratio

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    More and more men are doing yoga, but the percentage of men is still estimated at around 20%, which relatively low. Expect a steep increase towards 30-35% in in 2015!

    4. Increasing popularity of “yoga&” retreats

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    Combination retreats are becoming more popular, with retreats such as Yoga & Surf and Yoga & Meditation holidays attracting interested participants. In 2015, we will see many new Yoga & variations such as Yoga & Personal Coaching or a Yoga & Cruise retreat . People will look for retreats that allow them to combine their other interests with the practice of yoga.

    5. Yoga teacher training booms

    With the increasing popularity of yoga practice, there will also be an increase in those wanting to teach it. More and more experienced yogis and yoginis will want to explore the teaching aspect of yoga. Becoming a yoga teacher is not the only goal when signing up for teacher training, as many of us will also sign up for teacher training to get deeper into our practice. As such, teacher-training courses will boom this year!

    6. Indonesia and Thailand bypass India in popularity

    The Indian attraction is here to stay. India will remain one of the most popular destinations for yoga retreats due to its historical and traditional importance to the practice. But as yoga becomes more and more mainstream, destinations like Indonesia and Thailand stand a good chance to bypass India as a top destination this year. In addition, newcomers Portugal, France and Mexico are very likely to also make it to this year's top 10 yoga destinations!

    7. Further away from home

    Budget retreats will remain popular, but as flight tickets have become more affordable over the last few years and we've moved on from the economic crisis, more people will be looking for yoga retreats further away from home to get away from the stress of their everyday life. In 2015, we will see more yogis flying across the world to find a relaxing yoga retreat.

    8. Acro Yoga and Jivamukti Yoga and more

    Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Bikram are all well-known yoga styles. But this year, some lesser-known styles will come into the limelight as well. Expect to hear more of AcroYoga, Tantra, Yin and Jivamukti (to name a few) in 2015.

    9. Not a single gym that doesn’t offer yoga

    Yoga classes are already popular at the gym, joining the ranks of Body Combat and Body Pump classes. But in 2015, it will become a gym staple. It will be hard to find a gym that doesn't offer a yoga class!

    10. Home practice becomes the new black

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    The Internet is brimming with yoga sequences and home yoga videos for those wanting to explore the practice from the comforts of their own home. With its increase in popularity, yoga has become an accessible practice to many people. And as yogis become more experienced in yoga, they will become more inclined to practice yoga from their own home, often supported by online classes.