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X-LEGO: The "X-Men" Movie You Really Want

X-Men: Days of Future Past isn't even in theaters yet — in fact there are just a couple really awesome trailers to appease the public at the moment — but that hasn't stopped a super-talented fan from showing the world what the movie could be if only they had cast LEGO instead of those pesky humans.

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The Character Introductions / Via Tumblr

The Dynamic Duo on both sides of time / Via tumblr

Hugh Jackman's abs vs. LEGO abs *schnick* / Via Tumblr

Magneto or Legneto / Via Tumblr

Cerebro & LEGO dust / Via Tumblr

Deep moments become deeper with no furrowed brows, right? / Via Tumblr

Check out the trailers side by side

View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube
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