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    Pandas Ain't Afraid Of No Bumps In The Night

    In case you were wondering if that cuddly majestic giant of the bamboo forest is as impervious to bumps in the night as you are, the fine folks at the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland shared video proof that they're not.

    The large male panda Yang Guang gave himself a scare when the snack he'd set aside for later decided to attack him from behind!

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Oh, and here's a close-up. / Via
    Yang Guang is normally a very peaceful and calm animal, who loves sleeping and eating. He had quite a fright though when a stick of bamboo he'd forgotten he'd put aside for later fell and broke the silence! Our bear quickly recovered though and happily went back to lazing about and giving himself a good scratch.

    Here's a GIF of the exact perfect moment:

    But don't worry. Such a little scare didn't stop Yang Guang from returning to scratching...

    ...and rolling around in his awesome hammock.

    If you're worried that Yang Guang might continue to have some bam-boooooo troubles, you should probably keep an eye on him via the Edinburgh Zoo Live Panda Cam

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