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    ICYMI: 4 Amazing Times Lauren Bacall Did Voice Over

    Hollywood lost another legend today as it has been confirmed that star of Hollywood's Golden Age, Lauren Bacall, has died. Here are 4 roles you may have missed from her final years.

    Evelyn in Family Guy's 12th Season

    She put the moves on Peter in Mom's The Word.

    She Helped Scooby Doo in Scooby Doo & The Goblin King

    She and her witch sisters provided necessary broomsticks to Scooby & Shaggy.

    She was the Witch of Waste in a Moving Castle

    She began as an antagonist in Howl's Moving Castle but was eventually redeemed.

    She laced Madeline up in Paris.

    As the main antagonist in Madeline: Lost in Paris, she put orphaned girls to work, cut their hair to make lace, and was against all smiles.

    She may have been known as "The Look" in Hollywood, but we'll always remember that voice.

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