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Gossip-Worthy Magazine Covers Spotlight Real Problems

What if gossip magazines highlighted stories that really matter instead of the next diet craze, the latest fashion scandal, and who pushes their own cart at Trader Joe's? WoodGreen Community Services in Toronto, Canada asks just that with their new campaign, “Homeward Bound."

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Homeward Bound helps single mothers struggling with homelessness and poverty earn a diploma, start a career and reach self-sufficiency by providing childcare, affordable housing & more under one program. #ChangetheConversation brings their stories to you.

Avoiding Eviction instead of Inside MegaStar's Renovation Dreams

Finding Affordable Housing instead of Starlet Sells McMansion for Profit

Minimum Wage & Making Ends Meet instead of Star Signs $100M Deal

Social Issues Tonight instead of Entertainment Tonight

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This reappropriation of traditional media for social good isn't the first of its kind.

Last week, Catapult released 3 redesigned covers for women's magazines that highlighted very real global issues facing women and girls.

In February, Newswhip showed the internet what newspapers in the UK would feature on their front pages if they consulted the most-shared articles on their websites rather than an editor's opinion.

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