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Germy Cross-Stitches To Cure What Ails You

Winter feels like it's never going to leave the Northeast, and if I get another cold or flu bug I might actually scream. I also might take up cross-stitch to pass the time and decorate my sickroom with whimsy and fun.

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A common cold to brighten your day / Via Etsy

E. Coli masquerading as dark medicine perhaps? / Via Etsy

Try not to hang Typhus in Mary's room...awkward / Via Etsy

Scare your teenager by hanging this prominently over their bed the first time you catch them making out with a love interest / Via Etsy

Perhaps we should make this in mass quantities and send them to Jenny McCarthy? / Via Etsy

Commemorate that first time your partner witnesses you turn into Linda Blair after a seafood buffet with this one. / Via Etsy

Gift this to any burgeoning immunologist in your life / Via Etsy

Make sure everyone who didn't get a flu shot this year gets this one. / Via Etsy

Cheer up the anemic among your friends...these little guys are kind of cute / Via Etsy

This could lead to some excellent conspiracy long as you don't stuff it an unmarked envelope and leave it somewhere / Via Etsy

Parent of a slovenly teen? Hang this on his or her door and tell them you're worried about what they would contract should they step on a tack in that cesspool they call a bedroom / Via Etsy

You might need a Get Well gift for someone getting their tonsils out... / Via Etsy

Who wouldn't want these adorable killers lining their walls?

via The Mary Sue

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