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All You Need To Know From Simon's Cat Indiegogo Campaign Video that it has great GIFS of Simon's Cat. Simon's Cat is crowd-funding an 11-minute, color cartoon called "Off to the Vet" and the introductory video is fantastic. Here are all the GIFs you never knew you always needed.

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Simon's Cat Fundraising Video on Indiegogo

View this video on YouTube / Via

Simon's Cat is the best thing on YouTube. / Via YouTube

Simon's Cat knocks everything down. / Via Youtube

Simon's Cat has a friend. / Via YouTube

Simon's Cat & friend channel Garfield and Nermal sometimes. / Via YouTube

Simon's Cat is carefully drawn and animated to be a klutz. / Via YouTube

And classic Simon's Cat - he's always hungry. / Via YouTube

Plus, the video introduces the inspirations behind Simon's cats. Because CATS! / Via YouTube

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