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    15 Pieces Of Book Art That Will Make You Gasp

    Books aren't just for reading. For Etsy creator, Malena Valcarcel, they're also a medium for art, jewelry and sculpture pieces.

    1. This Woodland Scene

    We want it for a child's bedroom.

    2. This Micro Art

    We want to give it to a buddy and tell them to keep it forever.

    3. This Charming Necklace

    It looks like you could use it to scry for things.

    4. This Sculpture

    Tell us it wouldn't be an amazing centerpiece.

    5. This Chair

    Because it's adorable.

    6. This Statement Necklace

    Because you could fit so many authors' statements onto it.

    7. This Loving Scene

    Can't you just see the proposal in the making?

    8. This Book Topiary

    Because your home needs to be filled with art.

    9. This "See" Shell Ring

    Because words and books help you see things clearly.

    10. These Burning Words

    Because you never know the power of words until they jump out and surprise you.

    11. This Tiny Fan

    Because the summer is hot.

    12. This Whimsical Carousel

    Because who doesn't love a carnival?

    13. This Rose Ring

    Because nothing else will ever smell as sweet as an old book.

    14. This Curtain Pull

    Because books are windows to other worlds.

    15. This Simple Message

    Because who doesn't see love and only love when they browse a bookshelf?

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