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    15 Pieces Of Book Art That Will Make You Gasp

    Books aren't just for reading. For Etsy creator, Malena Valcarcel, they're also a medium for art, jewelry and sculpture pieces.

    1. This Woodland Scene

    We want it for a child's bedroom.

    2. This Micro Art

    We want to give it to a buddy and tell them to keep it forever.

    3. This Charming Necklace

    4. This Sculpture

    5. This Chair

    6. This Statement Necklace

    7. This Loving Scene

    8. This Book Topiary

    9. This "See" Shell Ring

    10. These Burning Words

    11. This Tiny Fan

    12. This Whimsical Carousel

    13. This Rose Ring

    14. This Curtain Pull

    15. This Simple Message