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10 Cards Against Humanities Cards You Didn't Know You Needed

If you haven't played the cult game Cards Against Humanity, why are you reading this? If you have, here are 10 new cards from Ladies Against Humanity that we need in the next expansion pack. There's a new tumblr in town, and you should be as obsessed as I am.

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1. Judy Blume needed to diversify her characters' names.

2. There are so many more colors than grey ;-)

3. No one understands the pain.

5. I'm just imagining all the creative ways I could use this one.

6. You'll be able to guess the politics of everyone you're playing with.

7. Or carton, tub or tube. YOU DON'T KNOW MY PAIN.

8. This could be particularly good when playing with a Texan.

9. Because trends are everywhere...even on your lady parts.

10. And for the mansplainers in your group, definitely use this one.

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