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History According To Tumblr

What happens when history nerds and night blogging collide. Spoiler: It's magic. Magic is what happens.

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If you use Tumblr, you'll know that history is entertaining.

Like, really entertaining.

Sometimes it's too soon to make a joke. But not this time.

History is still completely relevant.

It even applies to selfies.

And douchey internet comments.

Basically, Michelangelo is just like Robert Pattinson.

And FDR is totally Glen Coco.

Plus Einstein had a great mind AND bangin' bod.

Benjamin Franklin really knew his stuff.

WWII was not what you thought it was.

Governments sometimes do really stupid things.

And so do armies.

Puns will get you good grades.

Or maybe just an injury.

Traditional marriage doesn't mean what you think it means.

Isaac Newton's hair defied gravity.

And then there's this.

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