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    • BoogieMann

      In my lifetime I have seen twelve men as President of the United States. Of the twelve none have earned so little respect as a President as Obama. And that is saying something when one considers Nixon and Clinton. Obama sees himself as President of only those who support him. The rest are his enemies and he seeks to vanquish them from their place in the Republic. He and his wife are hedonists who spend exorbitant amounts of money on parties and vacations while they deride their opposition for their supposed denial of money to the poor. Obama is a closet Marxist who uses Christianity as a tool to accomplish anti-Christian goals. He appears timid in the face of Islamic terrorism and refuses to call them terrorists for fear of offending them. Ultimately one has to ask whether it is fear of offending them or sympathy for them that motivates him. It truly is impossible to respect this man Obama. BMann

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