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  • From Halloween to MC Hammer & Back!

    This is a new show I discovered. It’s all about Gem’s of the daily internet troll—- This one is about how researching a Halloween costume leads to watching a video of Adrien Brody at an MC Hammer concert.

  • Geeking Out On JJ Abrams

    JJ Abrams is responsible a number of awesome things on TV and we’re hoping that trend continues with NBC’s Revolution. Check out this episode where we look at where he started and where he went, as well as the similarities between Lost and Revolution and why the name “Charlie” is best yelled with an accent. Click here to see the video

  • What’s All The Bieber About?

    Justin Bieber is all over the web. His hair, the Bieber fever, the Bieber tunes, his latest song ‘Boyfriend’, Selena Gomez - you name it. But the Biebs wouldn’t be the Biebs if it weren’t for Usher who discovered the little boy from Canada and made him the star he is today.

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