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  • BEST Fun. BEST Funny Videos NOVEMBER 2013 Issue # 01

    BEST Fun. BEST Funny Videos NOVEMBER 2013 Issue # 01 _________________ Subscribe to our feed: ______________________________________ the best jokes, jokes collection, funny, a week, cutting, pricol, ghbrjks, 2013 Soul Plane videos, funny videos, jokes, collection of jokes, better krasche, assembly time, moments, curiosity, failures, virus, week, month, Top, 2012, 2013, 2014

  • YouTube Fun. YouTube Funny Videos Funny Videos COMPILATION October 2013

    YouTube fun. Youtube Funny Videos Funny Videos COMPILATION October 2013. Youtube Funny Videos Best Fails of the Week Octob In our compilations of jokes collected various fun with animals , fun at people at the wedding fun , fun with kids , fun with cats , cats with a fun , fun with dogs , and the funniest jokes on people , various jokes about animals ;) YouTube fun. Youtube Funny Videos Funny Videos COMPILATION October 2013. Youtube Funny Videos Best Fails of the Week October 2, 2013 __________________________ Subscribe to our feed :

  • Storm On The Sea Of Japan. Car Washes Car Actually In The Sea! VIDEO STORM!

    A total of 64 cars were on board the cargo ship Astongate coming from Toyama, Japan, Vladivostok, Russia. After the storm hit the ship - 52 of them were at the bottom of the sea. Anyone who bought these cars signed a document saying that the cargo on the ship will be transported at your own risk. The motor ship «Astongate» under the flag of Cambodia was from the Japanese port of Toyama to Vladivostok with a load of cars on board. February 1 exactly halfway ship caught in a heavy storm: the waves rose to 10.08 meters, and the wind just knocked down. On deck were reinforced 64 cars - mikrogruzoviki and light vehicles, purchased at Japanese auctions. At the next gust of wind machines was to demolish the sea: prolamyvayas deck guard rails, cars rushed into the water. In the end, 52 cars were on the bottom of the sea, and 12 severely broken “reached” the same to Vladivostok. February 3rd ship moored in the regional capital. - The vessel had a crew of 18 Russian sailors. Fortunately, during a storm none of them was hurt, - said Alexander Jars, Captain seaport of Vladivostok. - All machines that are transported in the hold, survived. Now we have to detain the vessel at the port, as it has suffered damage: destroyed about 70 meters of guard rails on both sides. While the ship is not repaired, the port it will not work. The most interesting is that the owner of the cargo prefers to keep quiet. If cars were insured, within 14 days, he had to file the marine protest - then the situation would be reviewed and may be paid the insurance. - But no one protested did not address. Once the vessel leaves the port will be too late - says Alexander pitcher. - Most likely, the cars were not insured, so the owner prefers not to bother. According to experienced sailors, loads of cars from Japan often go without insurance - businessmen save them, making out only those documents that are needed for customs. And to put cars on the decks of ships - not safe. In such cases, the owner signs a document that sends machine “at your own risk.” - By the way, the captain of the ship knew of the coming storm, but the rate has not changed, - says Alexander pitcher. - Do not take a genius to figure out why he did it. And indeed, businessmen often neglecting safety, hurry up captains, not wanting to lose the profits from the sale of vehicles that are waiting for customers.

  • Sinkhole In The United States Consumes Trees! Nature Takes Revenge On Humanity!

    The county Essampshn in Louisiana, USA, formed a giant sinkhole. Fearless witnesses captured on video the moment of absorption by it a few trees. Near the place where the crater, the easy road number 70. At present, the movement of vehicles on the road is in normal mode, but experts are monitoring the state of the funnel television channel WAFB. Sinkholes are the result of run-off water or soil bedrock, and often of both. In mid-August of this year sinkhole formed at the resort “Clermont” in Florida. As a result, there was a partial collapse of the 24-room villa. Thanks to the concerted action of all employees of the resort villa guests were evacuated just 15 minutes, so there were no casualties or injuries. In February of this year, another sinkhole, which was formed under the apartment building also in Florida, “swallowed up” life owner of the house.

  • Who Had Time, He Also Ate! McDonalds

    Who had time, he also ate! McDonald’s McDonald’s worker barely had time to file a box buyer’s order, selected from the McDonald’s menu, and it was ready to shout: “Free cash” is literally a man appeared out of nowhere and snatched it out of your hands! As the saying goes, in time, he also ate! ) Here’s a harsh McDonald’s in Russia!

  • In Kaliningrad Landing Ship “Bison” Scared Away Tourists. Another Video Of The Series “Typical Russian” :)

    In Kaliningrad landing ship “Bison” scared away tourists. Another video of the series “Typical Russian” :) In Kaliningrad, near the village of Mechnikovo gathered on the beach vacationers worried landing ship “Bison”. Hovercraft unexpectedly moved out right on the sand, where people were sunbathing. As a result of Kaliningradians witnessed exercises amphibious landing. In the Western Military District, commented on the Baltic Fleet landfall landing ship “Bison” in Kaliningrad. The military called the landing normal and complaints of local residents - unfounded. The other day, the residents of Kaliningrad, beach goers, spooked huge hovercraft. Captain “Bison” brought the ship to the shore, ignoring the hundreds of sunbathers and swimmers near Kaliningrad. Vacationers respectfully made way, no one was hurt. The ship went down paratroopers surrounded the ship and asked residents not to approach him. The military said that was performed that day routine exercise - were planted and took marines. Marines trained on “their territory”: the beach belongs to the Ministry of Defense Mechnikovo, and bathe there actually is prohibited. Disantny ship ZUBRs went straight to the beach and shocked the rest!

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