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Tom Kiesche Launches New Hit Mystery-Sci-FiNovel, “Park Ranger Park”

Park Ranger Park

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If you are seeking a new book to read this fall, then we have the one for you.

Author, Tom Kiesche has been acting in Hollywood for many years and has appeared in hit shows, such as Breaking Bad, Alien Raiders Bones and many more. He has also appeared in films and on stage.He is also known as a talented writer of screen plays and books.His fan base was excited to see him venture into writing gripping, high adventure books.

Kiesche recently released his latest hit novel,“Park Ranger Park,” which has been receiving praise from readers and critics across the country. The book has begun a buzz as a potential future movie blockbuster. Park Ranger Park is an amazing and brilliantly written mystery with sci-fi, high adventure, and romance. His characters come to life and jump off the pages.

Park Ranger Park actually started as a screenplay. However, Kiesche explained the best thing about feeling forced to make the original screenplay into a full-length novel, was that it allowed him to blow the world up, to really dig in and create full characters, rich back stories, and vivid scenes.

Synopsis of Park Ranger Park:

No one would ever believe the truth... When several women hikers go missing in a national forest, federal authorities turn the focus of their investigation toward one particular suspect, Tim Park, especially when the park ranger's ex-girlfriend also mysteriously vanishes. Questioned, near suspension, and under surveillance by the FBI, Park Ranger Park also disappears without a trace, at the same time as another abduction and the bloody, horrific murder of the woman's male companion at the foot of a scenic waterfall. The fantastic part of the story truly starts when Park Ranger Park finds himself face down in a puddle of filth, on the floor of a dungeon in a wondrous other world. There, amongst warriors, wizards, and wondeshrungs, Park finds himself fighting for his life, searching for the women he's accused of abducting, and looking for a way back to Earth to clear his good name.

“I have been very fortunate to have had many firsts, and each of those stands out. The first professional play I was in, the first play of mine I saw come to life on the stage, my first professional acting job, the first time I was paid to sing in public, a ballet I had a walk on in, first time I produced a show, and when I received — through the mail — the first book of mine that made it to paperback. I love that people really seem to be enjoying my new book. I love that they've been open to the way the story was told, and the way I blended genres. Honestly can't be sure what inspired the original idea for Park Ranger Park, it probably spawned from a collection of authoritative characters I had played up to that point,” stated Kiesche.

Sample book review:

If you are a fan of alternate universes, look no further. Tom Kiesche is a master at transporting you into another world as you meet a cast of interesting characters. I highly recommend this book. You won't regret it! I am looking forward to his next book!

Park Ranger Park is a must read for 2017/ 2018 and already causing a buzz across the country!

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