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10 Office Wear Tips For Guys Who Don't Like Dressing Up

The modern workplace has changed. Bonobos can help you change with it.

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So, chances are you work somewhere with an open-office floor plan.


There are definitely snacks. Maybe there's foosball and some couches to lounge on too. All the alluring amenities of the quintessential millennial workplace.

But how laid-back is too laid-back when it comes to getting dressed Monday through Friday?


You might be able to get away with graphic tees and jeans most days, but whenever you have to dress up even a little bit, it's like going from Jesse Pinkman to Don Draper. The entire vibe of the department is thrown into flux: Is he going on a job interview? Debra wonders. Does he have ~special plans~ after work? Alex pings Tommy.

It's...a whole thing.

Therefore, wethinks it's high time to work on that workplace attire.


Finding a good balance is key. No need to donate everything you own and start from scratch. You should maintain your everyday look, but a few upgrades in style, fit, and color can go a long way.

Try swapping some graphic tees for short-sleeve shirts in fun patterns.


Upgrading your style doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fun. Make sure to show off who you are with unique patterns and colors. Flowers and cockatoos? Why not? Not-your-daddy's paisley? Go for it!

...ditch the tank top and try a short-sleeve henley instead.


Henleys are super versatile and have all the comfort of your muscle tank with a touch more class, perfect for upping your business-caj game. (Sorry.)

...and maybe try wearing pants that actually fit?


Finding a fit that's somewhere between mooseknuckle-inducing and baggy makes a world of difference for your own comfort (and everyone else's — no one needs to see that during a presentation). These stretch selvage jeans in dark and light washes should do the trick.

Break the mold with a simple cashmere sweater instead.

Interesting patterns and colors can also add some excitement to otherwise boring button-downs.


Supplement your solid Oxfords with some button-downs that stand out without looking too dressy, like these stretch shirts above.

For surprise meetings or events, just keep an unconstructed blazer on the back of your chair.


A solid color like black or navy will go with most things, but we suggest something more bold, like this plaid number. With this easy tip, a quick costume change before that surprise rooftop happy hour or 2 o'clock client meeting will be a breeze. mix things up with a perfectly fitted pair of chinos.


Chinos are an easy upgrade from your loose-fitting khakis while still staying business casual — plus they have the benefit of coming in more exciting colors.

...and embrace slim and tonal instead.

...because with an impressive tailored suit, you won't need one.

And for the love of god, do. not. wear. square. toe. shoes.


Brothers: WE MUST MAKE IT STOP. There is no reason anyone should still be wearing these abominations of footwear, and yet every office has at least one of them. PLEASE opt for a nice pair of boots or non-square-toe lace-ups.

For 9 to 5, 10 to 6, 11 to — well, you get it — Bonobos has your back.

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