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Hey There Delilah Vs. Aunt Jemima

Sometimes a YouTube parody hit can be a major boon to an Old World, flour-and-water brand name. In this case, it turns into a sexed-up, slightly racist mess, combining young white men, Aunt Jemima, and the Plain White Tee's hit "Delilah"

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  • 1. Pour the Bottle Over Me

    Pretty honest take, but this whole song is about boning Aunt Jemima. Gross.

  • 2. Pretty Cool Super 8 version

    A true love song for Aunt Jemima. Safe for kids. Is it weird that everyone writes their own original lyrics for this parody? You'd there would be one dominant version that everyone just covered, but no, it is like everyone sees one of these and is immediately like "Whatever, I can do a much better version." No one ever did that to Weird Al. I'm just saying.

  • 3. Got Love for the Bottle

    Finally, a big budget version. Clean audio, dirty lyrics. This guy also works a Mrs. Butterworth diss in early, so he gets bonus points. I think he is actually interested in porking the bottle of Aunt Jemima, which is weird.

  • 4. Could actually be an acceptable viral ad

    I think this guy must consider himself something of a "youtube star" what with the three and four quadrant video and some slick consumer grade video editing. Points for a Mrs. Butterworth diss, but he works it in a little late for my tastes. Also, he works in the retail price for Aunt Jemima, $2.99 and says it's a deal. This could actually work as a viral ad.

  • 5. With Sing-a-long lyrics!

    No video, just the lyrics. This guy wanted to emphasize the song-writing craft that went into this. How weird is it that everyone writes their own version? That is the enduring weird thing about this meme.

  • 6. The ballad of a fat man

    This vid hints at the fattening aspects of a syrup love affair. No good for the corporate types. But it is the story of hope and redemption. Oh wait, is Mrs. Butterworth related to Aunt Jemima? I thought she was a rival brand. Now I am confused. Also, this guy hints that his children with Aunt Jemima would be "half white, half maple." Eeeeek!

  • 7. That's What you get when you do a video with Billy

    I thought this was a cover version of some other version, but then came the chorus, "Oh, it's how you lick the plate", and I realized this was a complete original! Around 2 minutes in, Billy pours syrup all over the other guy, who instructs the camera man to "Keep filming". As youtube commenter HOTROD985 so adeptly put it, "Fail."

  • 8. A Choral Rendition

    Another decent viral marketing attempt. Nothing offensive here and an honest go at singing. For once their lyrical output is disappointing. Also, you guys ever hear of dancing?

  • 9. Only 200 views? WTF?

    A capella! Yikes. This guy was truly trying to market just to himself. Success! One more pancake please, indeed!

  • 10. This guy tries hard, alot.

    What an earnest effort. No sexy lyrics, just love of Aunt Jemima the product, not the lady. Also, gold star for recording the song in his home studio.

  • 11. This Guy is the Most Popular Guy in the World?

    There are a couple transformative moments in high school that don't translate to a mass audience. I have a feeling this is one of them. Two hundred kids went home to their parents that night and were like, "There was this kid at school, Mike, and OMG he did the funniest thing ..."