• Number 11

    This dude probably didn’t need anymore cupcakes.

  • Number 10

    This dude with a beard might be a little too hot for the whole bearded-dudes-eating-things meme.

  • Dude #9

    What the fuck, dude? Do you know that I am looking at you? Is that fucking bacon on your cupcake? That is fucking awesome, dude with a beard.

  • #8

    Wait, is that the same dude as number 11? That shouldn’t be allowed. Rather than simply loving beards, I think this guy just seriously loves cupcakes.

  • man dude #7

    I kind of feel like this man dude is like Benicio Del Torro in that movie where he killed everyone. Like, this dude knows he is crazy and he doesn’t give a fuck and he is going to hunt you down and kill you and your friends because of the way you made fun of his cupcake-eating. Not cool, bro.

  • #666

    this Gino is def possessed by the devil, no doubt. Check the Satanic eyebrows—a dead giveaway. Also, the lear. And the small, beady eyes. Def satan.

  • Fifth man, high as you can

    Party-on, Wayne! Party-on, Garth! Party-on, DUDE!!!!! WITH A BEARD!!!! How much more metal can you get than a guy with hair this long? I am assuming that the only people with hair this long are into metal? Right?

  • Beards for Coco for Cupcakes!

    nuff said, free coco.

  • Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Best beard, no doubt. Also, a pure love of cupcakes displayed. No irony. Which is a huge plus. This guy is going to eat a number of cupcakes tonight.

  • Two Much, Two Soon: Two Bad

    This is the most excited/shocked you could be to be eating a cupcake, hands-free. It is as if the cupcake leaps into his mouth before he can stop it, OMG!

  • One is the Lonliest Number since one

    What? His beard is made out of frosting? You are saying that that is not a beard? Are you serious? I can’t believe this shit? What the fuck! Dude just made a beard out of suger, butter, cocoa powder, and milk. You are trying to deny him his beard? Well, you have got another thing coming young whippersnapper. This beard is the shiizzzzzzit. And you better recognize.