22 Ways You Know You Grew Up In San Francisco In The ’90s

(Better known as “The City”)

1. You know a bullshit trolley from a mile away.

This is some cutty shit.

2. You have an amazing Fast Pass collection.

Clipper card? no thanks.

3. You remember paying less than 50¢ for the bus.

Oh the joy of the late night Muni transfer!

4. You used protests as an excuse to get out of class.

Peace out, algebra. Sayonara, Engrish. Hello FREEDOM!

5. You learned to never leave home without a hoodie.

It’s all about the layering. These dudes know what’s up.

6. Your parents listened to KFOG.

And you made them switch it to KMEL Jams or Live 105.

7. Every house party you went to was broken up by cops.

8. You went to the Exploratorium on field trips.

And spent hours jumping in the shadow box.

9. At least one of your classmates sold pot to a teacher.

10. You also went to the Academy of Sciences with your class.

Helllla mesmerizing.

11. You’ve heard a foghorn more times than you can count.

And you fucking love that shit

12. You know where to get the best Thai food at midnight.

As well as burritos and chow mein.

13. You sat through ridiculously cold and windy Giants games at Candlestick.

And buh bye Niners! :( Better buy a seat before they demolish in 2014.

14. You felt like a badass for riding Top Gun at Great America.

And you used your backpack to stay dry on Roaring Rapids.

15. You love to hate LA and the Dodgers.

Are you virtually mean mugging this dad and high fiving his kid? Thought so.

16. You have a solid sock collection.

A foggy afternoon, drinking something warm, snuggled in a hoodie and yummy socks - sounds like home.

17. You are a playground pro.

You climbed the steps at Children’s Playground a thousand times with your cardboard seat and never tired of it.

18. You’ve never eaten Rice A Roni (or at least you’ll never admit it).

19. But you’ve eaten plenty of these.

And know that cappuccino is the best.

20. You went to the top of Twin Peaks for more than the views.

Or maybe you preferred Coit Tower.

21. You hate gentrification.

But are somehow ok with it when it comes in the form of good coffee. Four Barrel, Blue Bottle…

22. You are very protective of *your* city and critical of what people have to say about it.

Including everything in this post.

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