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5 Best #HornyAuthors Tweets That Had Me Dying

This hashtag is low-key funny AF.

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1. Why didn't I think of that?

@SethGoodtime / Via

Edgar was f**King them hoes up...

2. I'm crying bro...

@ResidentToad / Via

ayeeee! Clap it for a real one....

3. Oh snap! Shake that thang...

@SugarGretel / Via

Twerk, twerk ,twerk, twerk, twerk twerk.

4. They tried to play my girl...

@yuungpablito / Via

5. ahhhh hahahaha!

henry David Thoreau that dick around #HornyAuthors @midnight

This hashtag is killing me fam. If this is what goes on on Twitter at night, I'm all the way here for it. (lol) Comment below with your favorite #HornyAuthors tweets.

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