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    13 Things Found Up People's Bums

    It’s amazing what people will stick up there.

    1. A Hand Gun / Via

    Stick 'em up takes on a whole new meaning.

    2. Deodrant Can / Via

    If you want to smell good both inside and out then this may be your solution. And a larger problem.

    3. Cassette Tape

    Guy Speed / Via

    We know tapes are old news now but this wasn’t what we had in mind for them.

    4. Pint Glass


    The real question to this is HOW!?!?!?!

    5. Coke Bottle

    Pinterest / Via

    Bottles up your bum are old news but still impressive

    6. Buzz Lightyear

    Gizmodo / Via

    “I’ve got a friend in you” or how about “To infinity and beyond”

    7. Jackass Car

    Youtube / Via

    The one that may have started it all, the Jackass butt x-ray R.I.P Ryan Dunn

    8. Light Bulb

    Pinterest / Via

    “Either this kid has a light bulb up his butt or his colon has a great idea” (Yes we know that quote’s from Scrubs but you can’t beat the best)

    9. A Vibrator With Tongs

    Sportsjabber / Via

    A new way to toss your salad

    10. Wine Bottle and Wire Coat Hanger

    huffingtonPost / Via

    If it gets stuck don’t try to retrieve with a metal coat hanger

    11. Barbie

    Weird News / Via

    This doesn’t look like Barbie’s dream house

    12. Christmas Lights

    ABC News / Via

    Probably wasn’t a very merry Christmas for this individual

    13. Electrical Plug

    Weird News / Via

    This could have electrifying side effects

    14. Moral of the Story / Via

    Only stick things up your bum that are designed for the challenge (look for flared bases!) and don’t forget the lube.

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