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10 Moments All Women Can Relate To In The Workplace, As Told By “Bombshell”

Yes, the arctic blast of the AC is on the list.

1. When the coworker next to you listens to their music WITHOUT HEADPHONES:

2. When full-grown adults leave their dirty coffee mugs in every conference room:

3. When you tell your coworker some confidential tea and all of a sudden you see them whispering to their desk mate:

4. When your coworker suggests the same solution you just did five minutes ago:

5. When you accidentally call your boss "Mom":

6. When it's literally the middle of winter but for some reason the air-conditioning is blasting in the office:

7. When the elevator breaks on the day you decide to wear your new heels:

8. When the gossiping in the workplace finally gets to you:

9. When the fourth floor bathroom is your reboot station, and the bathroom mirror is your therapist:

10. When your boss makes the same joke for the fifth time that day and you almost forget to laugh:

The women in Bombshell dealt with all of this BS, and then some. See their story in theaters everywhere Dec. 20. Get tickets now!

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