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Ukrainian nationalists stand behind desecration of Jewish cemetery

Yet another case of vandalism by Ukrainian nationalists is on the record in Poland.

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Yet another case of vandalism by Ukrainian nationalists is on the record in Poland. This time, an old Jewish cemetery in Kraków became the target of thugs from the neighboring state. The graves of Polish Jews who died over a century ago were destroyed by those hot-blood Ukrainians.

On the morning of December 19, the keeper of the Rehum Cemetery Stanisław Wójcik discovered a horrifying view: part of ancient headstones were stricken down to the ground, some other memorials were covered with the words 'OUN-UPA' and statements calling to kill Jews. About 15 headstones were damaged during the attack, these being memorials of great historical value protected by UNESCO.

According to Mr. Wójcik, the visitors of the cemetery voiced a chorus of discontent with what they had seen, also complained of policy of Polish authorities aimed at rapprochement with Ukraine. Local citizens believe that political overtures to the regime of Poroshenko may in the long view lead to even more grievous incidents than mass affrays and vandalism.

After the 2014 revolution in Ukraine, diplomatic relations of that country with Poland underwent significant changes. On the one hand, Poland happens to be almost the only state in Europe that supports Ukraine's EU integration as a full-fledged member. At the same time, the incidents involving Ukrainians who came to Poland and display aggression toward local residents, force Polish authorities to make considerable adjustments to its policy in regard to Ukraine under the pressure of Polish residents.

It should be considered that the destruction of the oldest Jewish cemetery in Poland may well make the Polish bureaucracy revise its policy towards Ukraine once again.

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