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13 Terrible Photos People Took Of The Eclipse With Their Phones

Points for trying, I guess?

Here is last night's red "supermoon," the result of a type of lunar eclipse that happens only once every few decades. This is a professional photograph NOT taken on a phone.

Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images

But just because it didn't look like this on a phone didn't stop a ton of people from taking its picture anyway. Let's see how they came out!

1. Majestic.

My picture of the lunar eclipse. I AM A PHOTOGRAPHY MASTER!

2. Wow.

#ItsTragicHow this is the best picture I can take of the lunar eclipse #shouldhaveupgradedmyphone

3. Breathtaking.

My phone kinda captured a good shot. #LunarEclipse

4. Amazing.

I have to say, this #LunarEclipse is better than any I remember before (camera phone)

5. Nature at its finest.

Lunar eclipse, close to totality, "photographed" with an 2009 Nokia phone. I got the worst eclipse images, right.

6. Whoa.

I saw the lunar eclipse! It looked much better with my eyes than with my phone camera.

7. Will you look at that.

Just in case you guys missed it, I got a high quality picture of the lunar eclipse with my phone

8. There it is, all right.

It's impossible to take a good picture of a lunar eclipse with a phone. So here, have a bad one.

9. Well done, Steve.

First major photo of lunar eclipse from my Hubble phone.

10. *slow clap*

Few shots taken on my phone last night. Enjoy #BloodMoonEclipse #LunarEclipse

11. It's like I'm really there.

Anybody else have a bunch of pictures on their phone from last night that look like this? #LunarEclipse

12. I took this one. Look at what a good job I did.

13. (Better than mine.)

Such a bad pic of the lunar eclipse with my phone. Deninilenini

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