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25 Indie Albums That Are Still Amazing 10 Years Later

What a time to be alive/in college.

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1. Girl Talk – Night Ripper

Illegal Art

The album that inspired thousands of teens and twenty-somethings to rush stages and sweat all over each other. 2006 was not a sanitary time.

Recommended Listening: "Smash Your Head"

3. Peter Bjorn and John – Writer's Block

Wichita Recordings

The album that made you never want to hear anyone whistling ever again.

Recommended Listening:
It doesn't matter because now the whistle song is in your head and you're going crazy and trying to jump off a bridge.


12. Sonic Youth – Rather Ripped


To call this album "a return to form" would be selling it short. This is simply a collection of some of the best pop songs Sonic Youth ever wrote.

Recommended Listening:
"Jams Run Free"


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