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    The 25 Most Cringeworthy Band Photos Of All Time

    Sooo awkward...

    1. We Died Trying!

    ...trying to take a band photo on active railroad tracks.

    2. Bad Lizard

    But which lizard is the baddest lizard? Trick question: They are all lizard, and they are all equally bad.

    3. Junkshot

    At least one of these guys is likely a Muppet.


    I actually have no idea if this is their name, but it should be. (I can't read their matching shirts.) It kinda looks like the second dude from the right is farting an atomic bomb, which is simultaneously BADASS and METAL. (That whip isn't bad either.)

    5. Bad Wolf

    Is this a black metal fairy-tale concept band? Yes, it is!

    6. Alcoholic D.C.

    No Photoshop here! Nope, just five guys doing their own stunts.

    7. Turds of Misery

    So it's not just a clever name?

    8. McBusted

    Stare into the faces of true modern-day outlaws.

    9. The People on the Music to Massage Your Mate By Album Cover

    Join them, won't you?

    10. Tokio Hotel

    Are they a nu-metal band? Are they a screamo band? Perhaps they defy categorization, just as their hair defies gravity.

    11. Freddie Gage

    Right in the feels.

    12. Pretty Boy Floyd

    You sure about that?

    13. Garvis

    This photo shoot looks like it was a blast.

    14. Giant Pants



    15. Lightning Tits

    Rock & Roll Confidential

    Again, literally!

    16. X Japan

    But who uses the most hair product?

    17. The Dead Morticians

    Over their dead bodies.

    18. Hevinkelium

    I'm having trouble picking which one is my favorite.

    19. Harmful if Swallowed

    Contact poison control.

    20. Bowling for Soup

    A sober reminder that even a semi-famous band can take a cringeworthy photo.

    21. Bad 4 Good

    The photographer thought school photo day was done. That is, until he got a special request.

    22. Right On

    Sure, laugh now. But you KNOW you'd go to a party they were throwing and you KNOW you'd have an awesome time.

    23. Backsplash

    *throws panties*

    24. Cherubs

    "Hold up! Let me grab my nuts first! ... All right, take the picture!"

    25. And, finally, Vulva Denied

    You sure it wasn't the other way around?