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This Was College (According To Stock Photos)

The best four years of your life. (According to stock photos.)

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You've come a long way in the past four years. Look at you arriving on campus! Young. Impressionable. Leaning back on the family station wagon in a cool way.

Design Pics / Getty Images

Sun hat: Check. Open suitcase with a cardboard box sticking out of it: Check. Ready for new experiences: Double check.

You were nervous to meet your roommate, and especially nervous to share a bed with a total stranger for a full year. But you quickly became fast friends.

James Woodson / Getty Images

"Up your nose wit a rubber hose." Despite being far too young to understand that reference, as Welcome Back, Kotter went off the air before you were born, you treasured that poster.

Oh, remember the first time you laid eyes on Eric, the sensitive guitar-playing boy from the floor below you? You would sit for hours on his bed playing Candy Crush on your phone while he strummed an E chord.

Jupiterimages / Getty Images

He hadn't learned how to play a G chord yet, but when he did, he was only one chord a way from learning a whole song.


Your professor was also hot. It wasn't uncommon for your peers to unbutton their shirts and touch themselves seductively with their mechanical pencils.

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images

Like that guy in the top right corner, for example.


After your studies, it was time for your for a staple of college life: Wine and grape picnics on the quad!

Horsche / Getty Images

Look! It's Eric and his guitar again! And he brought a cooler of Capri Sun! Wow!